JUMP – new art space for the presentation of contemporary art. Founded by Art Group JUMP in 2015. The goals, set by this art platform are twofold:

  • Introducing Ukrainian and international projects, exhibitions, installations and performances that increase society interest in contemporary art
  • Promotion of Ukrainian contemporary art on the global art scene by participation in biennial of contemporary art, international art forums and fares.

Like no other means of expression, art is able to communicate the actual problems of society, human, personality. And in its openness and sincerity allow other people to touch, understand, reflect on the proposed perception, take something for themselves and transform from within. In this respect, the cultural sphere is a resonator of the development of world community as a whole. Involvement of countries in the global cultural processes is an indicator of the level of development of society.

We have created a platform that will allow the Ukrainian creative initiatives to be included in the international art space, and enable each viewer to feel the dynamics of the contemporary art world without even leaving the city.

Professionally equipped exhibition area meets the standards of the world’s best galleries and allows to showcase actual projects using the latest technologies for video and audio installations.



©2015 Contemporary art gallery JUMP

3 Monastyrska str
Poltava, Ukraine

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