«Jump Gallery in Gogolfest»

On September 16-25 JUMP Gallery will present project of US artist Adam Niklewicz “To Gogol with love” on the largest multidisciplinary Ukrainian festival Gogolfest. Earlier the project was exhibited in Poltava from May 26 till June 26, 2016.

About art program of Gogolfest:

On September 16-25 on the art-factory Platforma will take place exhibition Burn, Babylon. Curator of the project is famous Ukrainian gallerн owner Eugene Bereznitsky. The project aims to manifest ideological extremes of the present.

We have invented four absurd concepts of social system. Their names are Futurokultus, Slave-owning Socialism, Total War, Orthodox Queer», says Eugene Bereznitsky. The exhibition is divided into four blocks respectively. In each of them, the artists reflect on what these polar beliefs lead to.

«Futurocultus ironic over the appeal to mysticism in times of social unrest. Proclamation of destiny, sectarianism, occultism are obvious manifestations of chaos in the country «, explains Bereznitsky. Slave-owning Socialism is the most controversial concept that actually has a historical background. Paradoxical anti utopia that our country was experiencing. The orthodox Queer raises the question of being different from head to toe. To be different is the norm, and who then becomes a margin? Well, the Total War reveals the contradictions of human nature. We dream of living in harmony, but in fact all are fighting against all. «

Exhibition opening will take place on the art-factory Platforma on September 16, at 20:00, on Bilomorska 1 st, location 3.2. and Bunker. 


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