Art Project WATERLAND is a collection of a trick photography works, representing water in her fantastic, but natural forms, bound by fairy tales plot. It took about 5 years to create the project. The technical realization took about two months of continuous work. The designer of avant-guard styles and the face of the project is Ukrainian TOP10 model and designer Valeria Sobakar. The project has been exhibited in European countries; next locations will be in US, China and Japan.

Unique Project WATERLAND:

  1. All items are made of the water created by photographic means. Not a single detail was drawn.
  2. All forms of water were generated by various methods to create specific images.
  3. The clothing and entourage were created by a designer specifically for shooting.
  4. Photo Collection conveys modern trends and tendencies of the art world and has no analogues.
  5. The combination of techniques and images in the project WATERLAND creates a new revolution in the world of photography.


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